Mel Brooks’ films, and which is the best

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Why I love Mel Brooks films so much is simple, the complexity of the humor. He embraces the low-brow humor, the fart jokes and crude humor, and he also embraces the high-brow humor, poking fun at history or art or literature. Looking at other satirical/parody movies, they rarely embrace both. They usually just embrace the low-brow humor as it is easier to keep people engaged. For me, Brooks’ humor is reminiscent of Shakespeare. He writes for everyone. For the intellectual, who enjoys jokes about Homer, Shakespeare, politics, social issues, etc. For those who are still learning or have no interest in that humor,, there are still the sex jokes, fart jokes, and slapstick comedy.

Since I wrote last time about Frozen, I have spoken to my best friend and her husband. We are all movie lovers and they agreed with most of my points, added a few of their own…

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