Review: ‘Blended’ is Fluffy and Fun

The Tipsy Geekette

Over the holiday weekend my mom and I decided to have a girls only movie day. Traditionally on these days we find the movie that looks the most fun, and this outing was no different. After watching the trailer we decided that another Barrymore – Sandler collaboration was just what we were in the mood to watch.

I’m going to be frank with you, this is not a great movie. It is predictable, not super great in the humor department, and it relies heavily on goofy. That being said, I actually enjoyed the film. I enjoyed it not because it touched my inner cinephile (it didn’t even come close to doing that), but because on that Sunday morning it was exactly the kind of movie I wanted to see.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The movie is essentially a modern, less squeaky clean version of the Brady Bunch. Drew Barrymore and Adam…

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