Superman and the Mole Men

Forgotten Films

superman and the mole men 1There are two movie going experiences from my childhood that stick out more than any others. The first, of course, was going to see Star Wars when I was six years old. My father and I snuck out of the house to see it so my brother, two years younger, wouldn’t know we’d gone. The other was roughly a year later when we all went to see Superman. Like the posters said, we believed a man could fly! Richard Donner’s 1978 epic wasn’t the first appearance of the blue boy on the big screen, however. There had been the Fleischer cartoons and a serial, but his other feature film appearance had been the launch of the television series starring George Reeves. Later it was edited into a multi-part episode of the show, but when it appeared in theaters in 1951 it was known as Superman and the Mole Men

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