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On A Hiding To Something

Given my less than stellar track record at updating I figured I’d broaden the spectrum to include more things. More things = more posts = yay?

Anyway this (half term) week I had the delight of seeing three new releases at Cineworld so I thought I’d give my humble and spoiler free opinion on them. Here goes nothing.


First up is Maleficent. I won’t lie about the high expectations I had for this film. I had very high hopes for this reinterpretation of a childhood classic. I saw this film in 2D (3D isn’t really for me)

The Good: Angelina was flawless and gave a great performance, one of many brilliant casting choices of the film. The CGI was very well done so you didn’t feel overwhelmed by it. I loved the scenes between young Aurora (Angelina’s daughter) and Maleficent, so beautiful to watch. Although I will go on to…

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