Movie buff


Some directors that I like –

  • Wes Anderson
  • Christopher Nolan

A space movie. Hmm. Not too sure how to react to that, since I’m not so much of a sci-fi fan. What I do react to is Michael Caine’s narration that gives me goosebumps and – waitwhatwasthatAnneHathawayisinthistoo ?!?!? (Mini Batman reunion, I see.)

  • Baz Lurhmann
  • Hayao Miyazaki

Other than my usual fix of Hollywood blockbusters and other Western offerings, there have been quite a few Asian flicks released this year that piqued my interest. Here’s a list that fellow movie buffs like me would probably enjoy (and it just happens they are all from different countries):

1. Shield of Straw (JP)

The trailer’s pretty bloody, but the actual violence in the show has probably been saved for the cinemas. Anyhow, this story is about a bunch of cops escorting a murderer, who has a million-dollar price tag on his head…

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