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So here is where I find myself, having just seen X-Men: Days of Future Past—twice—and I am asking myself an eerily familiar set of questions.  Where does this rank in the Marvel movie canon?  Where does this rank among X-Men movies?  Was this a good movie or is the nerd in me (it does make up about 97% of my body mass after all) just really excited about this comic book god-mode?  Is there any more perfect casting in the history of film than Patrick Stewart across Sir Ian McKellen as ex best friends now rivals?

To answer my own rhetorical questions in order:

  • High pretty damn high, easily top five.  Yeah I said it ya bish.
  • Days of Future Past edges out First Class, which dominates The Wolverine, which was better than all the other X-Men movies, and then all the way down past the bottom…

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Spoil-Free Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

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