My views: Fault in Our Stars

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This NYT review of the movie Fault in Our Stars reminded me of the much hyped book I read few months ago. I am not a fan of YA books but I saw this being discussed so much ( Amazon  has 18K reviews and counting!) that I had to pick it up.

Ugh. What silly manipulative book. Teenagers not acting like one. Speaking such perfectly crafted monologues that, if typical of American teenagers, there is no fear for the America education system! The reviews that abound in Amazon refute this (mostly by teenagers & not their moms/dads) that they actually do know more that two-syllable words.

Well in any case I did not enjoy it.

On the other hand, The Book Thief, also a YA book is something I enjoyed. Sensitive, delicately written and packs a wallop in the end. Even if a little manupilative in places.

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