Review – Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat


In Edge of Tomorrow, mankind is under siege by alien invaders known as “The Mimics,” who have the unique ability to “reset the day,” giving them a precognitive edge that makes defeating their hordes virtually impossible. Enter Major William Cage (Tom Cruise), smarmy face of the military’s public relations propaganda campaign. When ordered to broadcast from the front lines, Cage refuses, fearing disaster; that decision to go AWOL gets him thrown into the ranks of combat soldiers against his will, on the day of a massive D-Day-style assault, no less.


When Cage gets to the battle, it’s more hellish than he ever imagined – as is his subsequent death battling a particularly formidable Mimic. However, death is not the end: upon his gruesome demise, Cage wakes up back at the start of his last day. After stumbling through a few death cycles, he is tasked with making contact with legendary…

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