Recent flood of immigrants deliberately arranged to help Democrats
Video Confirms Churches Aiding Invasion of Illegals


In an effort that will likely expand the Democratic voting base, various non-profit groups in South Texas are giving illegal immigrants VIP treatment by chauffeuring them to free lodging before they migrate deeper into the U.S.

A church employee confirmed to Infowars that the non-profits, including churches, are picking up illegal aliens at a bus station in McAllen, Texas and taking them to temporary shelter where the immigrants can sleep and shower before being released onto the streets.

“I asked the lady, who spoke to me off-camera, where most of these people were coming from,” Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson said. “She said we have a lot of people coming from Guatemala, but she did correct me [from an earlier report]: none of these children, at least in her care, are coming alone; these children are coming with their mothers.”

The lady also told him that after staying at their shelter, the immigrants go “wherever they want to go.”

Immigrants load up into a van going to a temporary shelter.

“If they have family here, if they have other situations going on, they just go wherever they ‘need’ to go,” Jackson added.

In other words, after illegally crossing the border, the immigrants are given free accommodations where they can shower and rest before traveling to other parts of the U.S.

What other country does this? If thousands of Americans, regardless of race, entered Mexico or a Central American country illegally, would they be given three hots and a cot before finding a place to settle in the country? Of course not.

“Unlike in the U.S., people that enter Mexico illegally can endure harsh detentions, are regarded as felons and can be at any time subject to a citizens’ arrest,” Adan Salazar wrote on Mexico’s immigration laws. “Indeed, one United Nations Human Rights representative, upon visiting Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala, remarked: ‘Mexico is one of the countries where illegal immigrants are highly vulnerable to human rights violations and become victims of degrading sexual exploitation and slavery-like practices, and are denied access to education and healthcare.’”

In complete contrast, the White House is not only refusing to enforce immigration laws but is even encouraging illegal immigrants to enter the country.

A loaded van takes illegal immigrants to free lodging.

All of this is part of the administration’s broad strategy to cultivate a future Democratic voting base that will turn traditional Republican states such as Texas blue, which is a likely scenario if Congress enacts amnesty in law because illegal immigrants are eight times more likely to identify as Democrats than Republicans.

Simply put, big government politicians are taking advantage of the plight of illegal aliens for their own agendas.

The last time Congress granted immigration amnesty was in 1986, which “almost certainly increased illegal immigration, as the relatives of newly legalized illegals came to the United States to join their family members,” according to immigrant analyst Steven A. Camarota.

Regardless, several Congress members, including Republicans, are advocating for a new amnesty program.

“That may make sense if you are seeking leftwing Democratic votes, but it is insanity for conservatives and suicide for Republicans,” American constitutional lawyer Phyllis Schlafly wrote. “The Reagan amnesty admitted twice as many illegals as expected and was riddled with fraud and cheating.”

And it led to an explosion in illegal immigration which is now accelerating at a breakneck speed.

Infowars reporters Jakari Jackson and Adan Salazar also contributed to this report.

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