Best Sites To Watch Movies

Hulu is basically the biggest and the most popular place to watch free movies and TV shows online in the US. You can watch tons of free movies on this site, from blockbusters to esoteric documentary films, and the ones you can’t are probably on Hulu Plus – the paid version that gives you more HD quality movies and more TV shows to choose from. The Hulu Plus service will cost you only $8/month and they offer a free week trial. Try it for free, and then decide if you can live without it…


Netflix is probably the only real challenger for the online film and TV streaming throne. It’s everybody’s favorite subscription service for renting movies and TV shows, and more recently streaming them online. Subscribing to Netflix’s streaming service will cost just under $10/month and if you will want to rent a specific title that isn’t in…

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Best Sites To Watch Movies

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