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Ah, Christ.

Two films released in 2013 focus almost entirely on Scarlett Johansson. Spike Jonze’s Her was all about her bodiless presence, the gorgeousness of her voice, and the abstract idea of her as a purely sensual being, even embodied in the sexless guise of a machine. We never see Johansson’s face, not once, in Her. 

Under The Skin is similar, except that in Jonathan Glazer’s remarkable and deeply horrendous film, her face is all that we see. The film pivots on the black alien glare of her eyes, shadowed in neon, endlessly reflected , mirrored, echoed. But, again, this is an abstraction. Try to imagine a colour that does not exist, or the vastness of space, perhaps. These things are inexplicable. This is a cold, cold film. Infinitely colder than Her. It is the coldness of trying to imagine something at the peripheries of human understanding. Glazer has created a…

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A Little Obsessed…

Sadie Dishes

So a *few* years ago I saw the musical Jersey Boys on Broadway as kind of a 21st birthday party. I know, I’m wild. I actually did the traditional night out for my 21st, then went to see the show during a break from school a few months later.

I digress.

Jersey-Boys Bway

I loved Jersey Boys on Broadway! I made my friends and family listen to Frankie Valli songs for months after I saw it. I think there were mixed feelings about this development, because if you’re not in the mood for Frankie, you might not be a happy camper. He has a very specific sound…


This summer I was so excited to hear it was coming to the big screen. I realize this is belated because it came out last month, but I love it! I am obsessed all over again! It has all of my favorite things: New Jersey, a…

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Balance the Budget

If you haven’t seen the movie, Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson, I would recommend it. Not everyone cares for Johansson, but she is one of my favorite actresses, and she does well in action films (such as this one and Avengers). Her acting style is similar to Kevin Costner’s: slightly deadpan; she doesn’t convey a tremendous amount of emotion, but she does communicate authenticity. She isn’t a classic Hollywood beauty, but she does have a rare, sexy quality about her.

The premise of Lucy is that humans only access 10% of their brain’s capacity, but if we could harness above that, the possibilities would be endless; the film frequently cuts to Morgan Freeman playing a professor giving a lecture on the topic, which serves to give the audience some helpful background.

Scarlett Johansson plays a hapless girlfriend, Lucy, who stumbles into a Korean organized crime world. The criminals are…

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