“Tammy” Movie Review

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ForCarol.com Movie Review 3-Watertowers(Goofball Comedy with a Message)

“Tammy” was universally panned by the “critics”. We have learned NOT to listen to them and to judge a movie (the whole movie not a poorly made trailer) on it’s own merits and see if it meets our requirement of giving us 2 hours, or so, of away time from reality. “Tammy” more than meets our requirement. The hyper-critical critics should actually go see the movie and Warner Brothers should put a a trailer that depicts the entire movie not just one scene. I chose the trailer above after searching for one that actually goes beyond that one scene.

Tammy (Melissa McCarthy, 43 years old) is a “loser”. She loses her job for being late yet again (she hit a deer with her car this time). When she gets home (walking since her car stopped running) she finds her husband eating a nice…

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