“The Conspiracy”

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Conspiracy theories are nothing new, but thanks to technological advancements and the ability to use social media to reach countless people, they are more prevalent in society than ever before. The internet, however, is not the only place for individuals to exchange theories, photographs, evidence and seek out information. Books, magazines, and television shows, such as “Unsealed Conspiracy Files” which can be found on Netflix instant streaming, also add fuel to the conspiratorial fervor. While I do find some of them interesting, by and large, I tend to disbelieve the great majority of conspiracy theories, with the exception of the JFK assassination. I have read a number of articles and books, as well as watched numerous television specials and documentaries on the subject. That is the one conspiracy that I admit I am fascinated by. I sat down recently to watch the movie “The Conspiracy” on Netflix, and while it…

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