Weekend Box Office: Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’ Gets Yoga-Hosed By Maze Runners



Summer’s over and it isn’t quite awards season, so the movie business is stuck in a seasonal rut that could only be filled with the be-shantsed bulk of Kevin Smith. His latest film, Tusk, opened on 600 screens, and while I think I was pretty clear in pointing out that it isn’t very good, I’m fully aware of his large and vocal fanbase, and expected them to turn out in sweaty droves (also large and vocal? Your mom). They mostly didn’t. Tusk earned $886,000 for the weekend, to put it outside the top 10 and giving it a fairly sub-par $1472 per-screen average. Forbes straight up calls it a bomb, “his lowest-grossing semi-wide release since Mallrats, which earned $2m back in 1995.” But with a budget of around $2 million and not much marketing required, thanks to Kevin Smith’s podcast, it doesn’t sound like that much…

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