7 Grandmasters 1999 Martial Arts Movie In English


7 Grandmasters 1999 Martial Arts Movie In English

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Movie Review: No Good Deed (2014)

This Too Will Pass

Another crime-thriller on the review, No Good Deed (2014). It’s honestly a disappointment or me due to being so lacking in the essential thriller ingredients.


After five years, a violent convict Colin, now heads to the his parole board hearing. Due to lacking evidence, he was only convicted at a minor case of involuntary manslaughter instead of the heavier serially killing. The board dismisses his parole plea, thus he tricks his escape, killing his escort guards. Colin tracks his old girlfriend Alexis, only to find her with another man. He sneaks into her house, finding a note from her boyfriend before confronting her. He gets angry and kills her when she admits cheating on him. At night as a storm rages on, Colin accidentally crashes his car onto a tree. He then goes to the house of Terri, a mother of two, which was earlier seen being left by her…

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Rio Grande: Another really enjoyable John Ford & John Wayne classic!

PG's Ramblings

Rio GrandeRio Grande by John Ford on Cine+ Classic (CanalSat)
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke commands a U.S. cavalry troop north of the Rio Grande. Indians have been raiding and then fleeing south of the river into Mexico. Yorke is surprised when he learns that the son he has not seen for 15 years, Jeff, has flunked out of West Point. He’s barely digested the information when his son shows up at the camp as a new cavalry recruit. His personal life gets even more complicated when his wife, Jeff’s mother, Kathleen also shows up at the fort intent on taking her son home. As the situation increasingly deteriorates, the women and children are sent to safety but the wagon train is attacked and all the children take forcing Yorke and his men to cross into Mexico to get them back.

In this old classic…

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The Critics Were Wrong-Queen Of The Damned


In 2002, the late singer Aaliyah was expanding her career to become an actor as well as a singer.

Tragically, she was only able to start her movie career before she died in a plane crash.

One of the movies she starred in was Queen Of The Damned, based on the Anne Rice novel.

Lestat De Lioncourt (Stuart Townsend) has been a vampire for several centuries. Woken up by modern rock music, he becomes the front man for a rock and roll band. Jesse Reeves (Marguerite Moreau) has become fascinated by Lestat and begins to study his past, despite the danger.  Lestat’s music reaches the ears of the first vampire, Akasha (Aaliyah) and wakes her up from her centuries long sleep.

To be fair, I have never read any of Anne Rice’s novels, so I am just going by the movie.

It was sort of campy with a little…

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