Classic Hollywood

The English Roses Thorn

Classic Hollywood It’s definitely not a secret that I love old films and that era in general. I grew up watching ‘Classic Hollywood’ or ‘Old Hollywood’ films and they’re definitely my favourites. There’s just something about them that is so refreshing which I suppose is a strange saying since they’re old films. Although when I was at secondary school I wasn’t into them as I once was. But once I finished school and went on to college I re-discovered my love for them. Now I would rather stick on a oldie than a newie. By an old film it is usually considered to be pre-1970’s but I do love a good 80’s movie. My dad is the one who got me into them, when he had a day off and my mum was at work he looked after me. Well, we sat in the living and watched old films. A good guilty…

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