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September has been a pretty cruel month. The jury’s out on October.

Mary Kom, directed by Omung Kumar and starring Priyanka Chopra.
In one line: “To really tell Kom’s story, we’re going to need a braver and more talented film industry.”

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez; starring Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Eva Green and others.
In one line: “It takes rare skill to take actors as talented as those in Sin City 2’s cast and present a film that is as forgettable as this one.”

Creature 3D, directed by Vikram Bhatt and starring Bipasha Basu.
In one line: “Most people watch Bhatt’s films expecting a comedy and although Creature has some moments of delight, there’s only so much of Bhatt’s CGI snarl that you can take.”

A review of the old Khoobsurat, directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and…

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Alien fanboys, are you ready for isolation?


I must admit that over the last ten years I have been quite disappointed with all titles related to the Alien/Predator world, titles such as: Alien vs Predator, Alien Resurrection, Aliens Infestation, Alien Online, etc. these games were focused on killing, killing and after that even more killing… where is that sense of fear?, that claustrophobic epic environments?, that sensation of being watched and fearing for your life every single second?. They never knew how to adapt those sensations that were so well presented by Sr. Ridley Scott and David Cameron on the movies, but that was until now, here is Alien: Isolation.

This title developed by The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA put us in the skin of Amanda Ripley who is searching for her disappeared mother, the well-known Ellen Ripley (the main protagonist of Alien Franchise), during her desperate search she is transferred to the space…

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Movies Seen 2: A Little Princess, Being Flynn, For Ellen, God’s Not Dead

The Rowing Rooster

A Little Princess, Being Flynn, For Ellen, God's Not Dead A Little Princess, Being Flynn, For Ellen, God’s Not Dead

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A Little Princess (1995). This is Alfonso Cuaron’s adaptation of the classic children’s book about a girl named Sara and her experience in a boarding school.

This movie speaks to me a lot because I grew up watching the anime version of A Little Princess.

Now I see how Director Cuaron managed to improve the landscape of the whole Harry Potter movie franchise. It was he who drove the visuals of the whole thing to a darker, whimsical tone. The Prisoner of Azkaban was my favorite Harry Potter movie after all.

I see the semblance of Azkaban and Princess:

  • Hogwarts was a better version of the boarding school.
  • Hogsmeade was a better version of the market where Sara buys.
  • There were images of ginormous…

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