Every once in a while there are movies which justifies the overpriced sodas sold in multiplexes. Interstellar is truly one such movie. This space based sci-fi adventure movie starts of on a blight (dirt storm) infested earth where food is scarce and schools are encouraging kids to take up agriculture rather than forcing them to learn Bernoulli’s equation. Isn’t that the heaven we all want to live in, except for the blights. Cooper played by Matthew McConaughey is a widowed astronaut who has taken up farming as people believe that investing in science is a waste. Soon enough (more like an hour) he learns that he has to pilot a NASA spacecraft through a wormhole in search of habitable planets in order to save human race. The scene where he tries to convince his daughter that he will come back is heart wrenching.
interstellar-posterWhat follows is a visual marvel of…

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