Dumb and Dumber To, reviewed: Returning to Lloyd and Harry was maybe not the smartest move for the Farrelly Brothers

National Post | Arts

[schema name=”Dumb and Dumber To” user_review=”2_5″ director_1=”Bobby Farrelly ” director_2=”Peter Farrelly” author_1=”Sean Anders” author_2=”Mike Cerrone” author_3=”John Morris” author_4=”Bennett Yellin” author_5=”Bobby Farrelly” author_6=”Peter Farrelly” actor_1=”Jim Carrey” actor_2=”Jeff Daniels” duration=”109 minutes” rated=”PG; Crude content, language, dumbness” genre=”Comedy” pubdate=”2014-11-14″ ]

In comedy, you’ve got to play to your strengths. But for the Farrelly brothers we’ll make an exception; Bobby and Peter play to their weaknesses, and their characters’, and ours, and they’ve made a pretty good career out of it, punctuated by such lowest-comedy-denominators as There’s Something About Mary, Stuck on You and Fever Pitch.

Said career started in 1994 with Dumb & Dumber, about a couple of guys from the shallow end of the gene pool who quickly get in over their heads with a lost briefcase. They were played by up-and-comers Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. One of them continued a modest but respectable career in film and television…

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