Interstellar is a flawed masterpiece, but a masterpiece nonetheless (spoilers)


By Eoin Molloy


Earth is dying a dusty death in Christopher Nolan’s space epic, Interstellar. Her landscape is no-longer capable of sustaining life. Nothing grows anymore except for corn and even that is on its way out.

Interstellar’s hero, Coop (McConaughey) is a pilot-turned-farmer who has become somewhat disillusioned with humanity, what with the seemingly-imminent collapse of civilisation the death of his wife. The fact that he has to contend with a smart-ass father-in-law Donald (John Lithgow), doesn’t help things either.

Coop’s daughter, Murph (Mackenzie Foy) believes that there is a ghost living in her room trying to communicate with her via Morse code. Following a sandstorm, dust aligns itself in binary writing on Murph’s bedroom floor. The writing seems to be communicating co-ordinates.

Coop and Murph follow these co-ordinates. They stumble upon NASA, which was hiding in a supposedly-secret location following the collapse of the US government.

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