Interstellar – Nolan’s take on space

Play. Watch. Review.


Being a longtime fan of sci-fi, I have always had big hopes for the upcoming space films. These few years have been a big hit for space operas in video games as well in movies. Gravity brought space themed movies back to the general public as Star Citizen to games. Interstellar was one of the big ones that I had real hopes for. From the director of the new Batman films and Inception, Christopher Nolan was a sure bet for this film. The cast has a real big names too, from the uprising and becoming my new favorite actor Matthew McConaughey to old acquaintances of Nolan’s works. You can see that Nolan likes to reuse good actors on his films seeing Michael Caine and Anna Hathaway on the main cast.


The setting of the film is not the usual Nolan. Mostly his movies are based into some big city or…

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