Quantum of Solace

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quantum_of_solace_daniel_craig_movie_posters_desktop_4134x3100_hd-wallpaper-806978This review is part of Project Bond, wherein over the course of 2014 we watch all of the James Bond movies in production order.

Summary: in which the design people must have got a good deal on glass. Water is the most precious thing in the world… and this is actually a sequel?

Alex: turns out this isn’t quite as bad as I remembered. Faint praise I know, but after the glories of Casino Royale there were a lot of hopes riding on this film and at the time… well. I was sad. However, in the context of all Bonds, this one isn’t too shabby. Also, shout out to yet another absolutely kick-ass song; Jack White and Alicia Keys are an inspired, off the wall choice and I think they’re awesome.

The film opens with a brutal, fast car chase through Italian mountains and at the end, it turns out…

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Inter(less than)stellar

The Numinous Cosmos


A film by Christopher Nolan

I was going to write something very detailed and profound about Interstellar immediately after seeing it.

I loved the movie. I loved Matthew McConaughey and his motley crew’s mission to save the human race. I just feel that what I saw wasn’t what I wanted to see. Years of waiting for this film from back when it was a Steven Spielberg project probably set my expectations WAY to high.

Much like the Beatle’s “reunion” singles from the 90s, Interstellar is good film- not a great one.

Here is my flippant review (with spoilers):

Imagine a world so alien that the very clouds are frozen.

Imagine orbiting a singularity and then landing on a planet orbiting it, girdled by endless, enormous waves.

Imagine being able to breach the 5th dimension and communicate across space-time.

Imagine visualizing with stunning accuracy a wormhole within sight of…

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The Judge: A Review

Il n'a pas de titre

I decided to go see movies this weekend. First up: The Judge, starring Robert Downy, Jr. and Robert Duvall.

So, of course I love RDJ, so I was intending to like the movie, and as it turns out, it was a really great movie. I don’t generally post spoilers (even though the movie’s kind of old), so I’ll just do some impressions and feelings.

First off, the previews. I saw one for Steve Carell and Channing Tatum – Foxcatcher. So, this one looks creepy from the get-go, and then it says it’s based on the “shockingly true story” or something. So I continue to watch and actually pay attention. What could have possibly happened? I did not recognize Steve Carell, I’ll tell you that right now, and I do believe he will get an award nomination of some kind on the sheer fact that he’s doing something non-comedic…

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