Man Crush Monday: Tony Stark

Woo Long Talks


Todays man crush monday is a tortured soul. One of the original avengers but a character who didn’t really hit his stride until he was portrayed on film much like the actor who played him. We can only be talking about one man, the Invincible Iron Man Tony Stark. Or as he likes to self proclaim, “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.”

Iron man was created in 1963 and was in Stan Lee’s own words marvels equivalent to Howard Hawks. Similarities can be seen in the physical appearance of both men and Tony Starks father also being named Howard. In the later years apart from a few good story lines from here and there Iron Man was only considered an A list character by default.


Robert Downey jr was a child actor who in his later years fell on to hard times, drink, drugs and women. Everybody by now knows his story…

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