Blog: ‘The Hunger Games,’ a Racebending Film Franchise

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No matter your personal preference of the genre, I think everyone can agree Young Adult novels (YA) can get pretty repetitive. Whatever trend happens to be popular at the time, be it supernatural vampire romances or totalitarian dystopias, YA pounds these themes into the ground until we as an audience are willing to pay authors to stop writing books with one word titles and mystery-shrouded, angsty teens on the cover.

But there is one YA franchise in particular that has caught my attention: “The Hunger Games.“

For the lonely few who have had their head stuck under a rock these past few years, “The Hunger Games” trilogy by Suzanne Collins is a massively popular YA dystopian series. Since the first book was released in 2008, this juggernaut of a franchise spawned into highly successful films, multiple media tie-ins and even a recently announced stage show.

As far as…

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Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One (Film Review)

Ink of Blood

Mockingjay Part One

(This review may contain spoilers).

So… I went to the midnight showing of this film. I actually saw Catching Fire, too… and the last twenty minutes of the first film. Marathon showings like that are no longer an unusual thing for me.

It’s been quite a while since I picked up the books, so I really only remember some elements from Mockingjay. I don’t think I really like this whole new thing of cutting films in half… though the Hobbit is really the worst for that.

Mockingjay is completely different to the last two films, while still keeping to the world and the storyline… at least in my opinion. There were times I felt that Katniss acted weaker (reacting rather than acting), but she did pick up quite a bit through the film. Still, there wasn’t much that she did alone.

It was really good to see the main characters…

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Girl on Fire



By: Connor Lenahan

The number of people I know going to see Mockingjay tomorrow is borderline ridiculous. If it were not for our basketball team being preoccupied with playing the University of Kentucky tomorrow I would undoubtedly be spending my Friday night between two D1 point guards while the three of us threw up three fingers for Jennifer Lawrence. Instead, I will be waiting on watching the movie until I go home for Thanksgiving per the request of my cousin Katie, who suggested we see it as a family. I obliged, only because I feel that the fight to get a ticket tomorrow will be close to the mad dash for the last slice of pizza at any Domino’s night at the Lenahan Household. Tears will be shed and blood is possible. But I have a problem with this movie despite knowing close to nothing about the plot.

I have…

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