Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Will Be Online Friday!

Legion of Leia

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Forget shopping for electronics and discounted Frozen dolls! The official Star Wars Twitter feed just let the world know that the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be available for those of you nowhere near one of the 30 theaters it’s being shown in. The trailer will break the Internet appear on iTunes Trailers on Black Friday.

May the Force be with you.

(Also, I don’t think Star Wars really needed a #BlackFriday hashtag to up the hits on this one. Just saying.)

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The World’s End (2013)



So the very least I could do is finish off the Cornetto trilogy, now is time for the mint edition.

The third and final film The World’s End had the biggest exposure, massive advertisements everywhere and just a crazy amount of hype for a British film. Simon Pegg was our main character, Gary King, but not far behind were Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan, Martin Freeman and Paddy Considine. They were more than over qualified for their roles but it just didnt seem to matter because they did such good jobs and clearly didnt feel anything was beneath them.

Basically Gary is struggling in life and decides that to get back on track is to reconvene with his old school friends and finish something they started many years ago, The Golden Mile. A pub crawl around the boring village they grew up in, first time round they couldn’t quite finish it…

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5 Heroes Who Should Appear in Marvel’s Phase 3

Funk's House of Geekery

After the initial excitement died down about Marvel’s Phase 3 announcement, some selfishness set in. I’m not judging, I get it. Everyone is wondering where the new Hulk movie is and Black Widow’s movie. Everyone has a favorite character that hasn’t made it yet, and they’d like to see get it. I also get the position Kevin Fiege is in. “We can’t make them all” seems to be the company line, and it is hard to argue with. There really isn’t a movie in phase 3 that shouldn’t be a priority, at least in my opinion. But heroes don’t always have to be the marquee name to appear in a movie.


The Punisher – Captain America: Civil War

The Punisher reverted over a year ago. He is one of Marvel’s more popular characters, but the third movie was not the charm. 3 false starts do not look good for Frankie, but…

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Non-Review Review: Horrible Bosses 2

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Horrible Bosses 2 is a cluttered film. In many ways, it is handicapped by a reluctance to let go of what worked the first time around. As a result, the film seems to bring back just about every cast member it can, ensuring that everybody gets their own little arc and their own pay-offs. Two of the three original horrible bosses get extended subplots in the sequel, with an expanded role for another side character.

This leaves the film feeling a little crowded. The new additions to the cast seldom get room to breath. Horrible Bosses 2 brings in a rake of superb talent to fill out the supporting cast, but doesn’t have the time to do anything particularly interesting with them. Chris Pine makes the most significant impression, but Horrible Bosses 2 wastes  talent like Christoph Waltz and Jonathan Banks in fairly bland roles.

"I spot a sequel..." “I spot a sequel…”


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