5 Heroes Who Should Appear in Marvel’s Phase 3

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After the initial excitement died down about Marvel’s Phase 3 announcement, some selfishness set in. I’m not judging, I get it. Everyone is wondering where the new Hulk movie is and Black Widow’s movie. Everyone has a favorite character that hasn’t made it yet, and they’d like to see get it. I also get the position Kevin Fiege is in. “We can’t make them all” seems to be the company line, and it is hard to argue with. There really isn’t a movie in phase 3 that shouldn’t be a priority, at least in my opinion. But heroes don’t always have to be the marquee name to appear in a movie.


The Punisher – Captain America: Civil War

The Punisher reverted over a year ago. He is one of Marvel’s more popular characters, but the third movie was not the charm. 3 false starts do not look good for Frankie, but…

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