IMDb Bottom 100: Monster A Go Go


Monster A Go-Go

1965’s “Monster A Go Go” is an astoundingly bad film, enough so to be a true separation from the rest of the IMDb Bottom 100. The movie is a patchwork built primarily from parts of an unfinished product (that was poor in its own right), and then supplemented with original footage filmed years after the fact to complete the movie. This has been done with a number of other B-pictures (“They Saved Hitler’s Brain” comes to mind), but “Monster A Go Go” is the most distractingly awful example of this that I have come across.

monstergogo3 The props are pretty awful as well. But then again, so is everything else in “Monster A Go Go”

Apparently “Monster A Go Go” was only cobbled together to fill out the second half of a bill for a double feature. With that in mind, a lot of the flaws in the…

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It is the bird with broken wings that Soars...

star wars 01


I’ve been praying about this for a while, the need to add something to the word “Christian” in order to differentiate between a real “Follower of Christ”, and someone who simply wants to be a “good person”. Jesus’s call to be a good person was the words, “Follow me.”

Several weeks ago I was in a Half Price bookstore looking for a book by Leonard Sweet, but in the process of this I stumbled upon a book by Dick Staub. I was unfamiliar with him, but his last name was so close to Sweet that his book was right there too, and it caught my eye. The title caught my eye. “Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters”. Right away I thought, “Oh no, something trying to mix New Age with Christianity, but because I do like the Star Wars analogy, I just…

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The Interview (2014)

Factual Reviews

CULT – 1

Verdict – 2/5

Pros –

1) The “Sony-hack-event” gives this movie a reputation/notoriety of almost starting a nuclear war and it gives this movie a cult status.
2) Eminem Cameo.
3) Few establishment shot.

Cons –

1) Great concept but badly executed.
2) Latest in the streak of bad movies for Seth Rogen.
3) A stoner angle would have been better.
4) Sacha Baron Cohen ? Anyone ?
Quote –

“Honeypotting and Honeydicking”

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“The Interview” gets cancelled

A Ruined Chapel by Moonlight

They’d been advertising this movie “The Interview” constantly during the football games–otherwise I’d never have heard of it.  But now that Sony caved to pressure from threats of hacker attacks, it’s going to get a lot more publicity.  Personally, I wasn’t planning to see it before, and even if they do figure out some way to release it, I won’t see it then. I don’t go see many movies.

My first question on hearing about this was: since when does North Korea have hackers? I honestly didn’t realize they did cyber-warfare–I thought they spent all their money on bombs.

My second question was: why are they all upset about this, and not about that one movie with the marionettes that came out about ten years ago mocking Kim Jong-il?  Is it just because this is live action?

And now even the President has said Sony made a mistake, saying…

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