John C Wright on Interstellar


interstellar_ver7_xlgSince I still haven’t sat down to write my Interstellar review (or rather, my look at Interstellar as the culmination of Christopher Nolan’s art so far and the redemption of the one flaw of The Dark Knight Rises–stay tuned! Maybe!), I’ll just put some links here so you can go read the inimitable John C Wright, far more eloquent and logical than me, on the subject.

First, his review of the best science-fiction movie ever put on film.

Next, because he is a writer of hard sf and does his research, he refutes the science-lovers who object that the movie is not scientifically accurate enough.

Then, because he is a learned man of faith, he refutes the Christians who object that the movie is not theologically accurate enough.

And finally, he offers one last comment that struck me right in the heart and made me want to leap…

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