Weekend Box Office: Ridley Scott’s $140 Million ‘Exodus’ Movie Opens To $25 Million


exodus movie

Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods And Kings opened this weekend, which had every entertainment journalist warming up their best bible pun for disaster. While it wasn’t the biggest bomb ever, returns weren’t great, with the $140 million budgeted film opening to $25.5 million in the US. “Plague” might be too strong. Let’s go with “Exodus? More like ExoDUD.” Nailed it.

$25 million is pretty bad for a film this size, but luckily for Fox, it opened earlier and is doing decent business internationally, where it has earned $50 million. Noah, by comparison, opened back in March with $43.7 million, on the way to $101 million domestic, which would be very bad for Exodus. Pundits point out that December tends to be “leggier,” meaning movies play longer and are less front-loaded, but Noah was also a much better movie (my opinion aside, Rotten Tomatoes has Noah at 77% recommended…

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