Worst 10 Films of 2014


This will go down as one of the easiest end of year Worst lists I’ve done yet. It seemed very clear by the time winter rolled in what the most reprehensible movies I saw this year were. Of course, winter always gives us a few unpleasant surprises and there were at least two movies that only came out in December that deserve my traditional scorn for a certain type of terrible, terrible movie.

As always, my list is half a “most disappointing” list and half a “these movies are truly awful shit” list. I think it’s beginning to skew more toward the latter half in recent years. Who knows! I maybe would have included Interstellar otherwise, but noooo. That would just be mean. I’d just be trollin’. So I guess you can sigh with relief that Interstellar will not appear on this list. The real question, of course, is whether…

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Into the Woods Review

Neptune Your Dial

Into the Woods took me on a fantastical adventure through many timeless fairy tales with added twists and turns. I went into the movie knowing pretty well what to expect, though I did find myself wondering if my fellow audience members knew prior that it was a musical. Not a typical Disney musical that includes a lot of dialogue and contains maybe ten songs sung throughout, but a more traditional musical.

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#10 of Performances that Should Have Won the Oscar

Play it Again, Dan

Joaquin Phoenix for Gladiator


2000 was peculiar year for the Academy Awards with the tug-of-war between the sensational Gladiator and the critically acclaimed Traffic. Gladiator was the favorite to win, yet its chances weren’t guaranteed when Traffic, a film chronicling the numerous factions of the illegal drug industry, was the critics’ favorite to win. Due to the heavy competition and with the Oscar financing that occurs, producers put more of their Oscar campaigning behind Russell Crowe and not nearly as much emphasis upon the film’s other lead star, Joaquin Phoenix. Subsequently, with Traffic being a multiple-character film, its producers put their efforts behind Benicio Del Toro, who was the most acknowledged actor when it came to reviews. As a result, Del Toro, with the blatantly inferior performance, beat out Phoenix when it came down to Oscar night.

  Gladiator is the story of Maximus (Crowe), a respected general who is…

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Ringing in 2015


My visit with my daughter

Amanda. Amanda.

came to an end in late 2014. Yesterday morning, as a matter of fact. We drove her to the airport a bit bleary eyed, but none the worse for wear. We all drug ourselves out of bed at 5 a.m.,tossed coffee down our throats and left for Dallas-Ft. Worth airport at 5.30. I had made an error when choosing her flight back home, thus making her have to leave at 7:05 a.m , arriving in New York for a three hour layover and then flying home to Michigan at 4. Bless her heart, she travelled all the live long day. I bet I’ll look more closely next time I make reservations. But, she was gracious and forgiving about it. It was a good visit with her and I hope it’s not a year til I see her again. We had a lot of fun…

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