Worst 10 Films of 2014


This will go down as one of the easiest end of year Worst lists I’ve done yet. It seemed very clear by the time winter rolled in what the most reprehensible movies I saw this year were. Of course, winter always gives us a few unpleasant surprises and there were at least two movies that only came out in December that deserve my traditional scorn for a certain type of terrible, terrible movie.

As always, my list is half a “most disappointing” list and half a “these movies are truly awful shit” list. I think it’s beginning to skew more toward the latter half in recent years. Who knows! I maybe would have included Interstellar otherwise, but noooo. That would just be mean. I’d just be trollin’. So I guess you can sigh with relief that Interstellar will not appear on this list. The real question, of course, is whether…

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