Director Sam Raimi recognizes failures of Spider-Man 3



Have you seen the Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man 3? If so, did you like it? Are you sure you liked it? Because its okay if you didn’t, you’re not alone. I thought that film (like typical third entries in franchises) tried living up to expectations set by those responsible for previous films successes, expectations that couldn’t be reached. The director of the film himself reflected on the ’07 blockbuster during a recent interview with Nerdist Podcast, and wasn’t afraid to admit what the film really was.

It’s a movie that just didn’t work very well. I tried to make it work, but I didn’t really believe in all the characters, so that couldn’t be hidden from people who loved Spider-Man. If the director doesn’t love something, it’s wrong of them to make it when so many other people love it. I think [raising the stakes after Spider-Man 2] was…

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