Trailer for the film “Match” starring Patrick Stewart is released and I’m impressed!!!


Does Patrick Stewart finally have an Oscar coming for this role? That’s my first thought when I saw this trailer in facebook. Here’s the trailer for Patrick’s next film, “Match” which hits theaters January 14th. After seeing this trailer, I’m sold. I think I’m definitely gonna go see this one.

Patrick Stewart have been my favorite actor for years and this guy is bound for an Oscar at some point. He’s such a talented actor, I’ve been watching him in movies and TV shows for years. He spent years doing sci-fi and superhero films (Star Trek: TNG and X-Men obviously) and it’s awesome he’s finally doing something different.

Look like this movie “Match” will finally show his great acting chops. Patrick is awesome. I’m not sure if he’ll get nominated for this year’s Oscars ’cause it’ll be too late but definitely next years. Who knows, though? The Oscar nominations have…

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