Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

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It’s been a while since a movie impressed me in such a manner that I am still thinking of it after being with two others in the meantime. I feel like a promiscuous man. Still thinking of the one that impressed me while being with another. But that’s what happens when a film forces itself to be noticed.

Bridman tell the story of Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) who is trying to make the jump from screen to stage by starring in a play written, directed and produced by him. Things quickly go south when one of the actors is suddenly harmed to such an extent that he is unable to perform in the first preview before opening night – good riddance! Riggan is able to land Mike Shiner (Edward Norton), an actor fired seconds before he pitched at Riggan’s theatre. You see, mike is one of those actors who…

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Big Eyes and Birdman: Playing Catch-up Before the Oscars

Does This Font Make Me Look Fat?

Laura and I have been playing catch-up, trying to see lots of movies before the Oscars. Sometimes we go alone, sometimes together and sometimes we get our husbands to come with us. In the last three weeks we’ve seen:
Big Eyes,big eyes

The Imitation Game, Imitation game


Citizenfour, citizenfour

Birdman. Birdman

and Into The Woods. I couldn’t capture the poster for Woods. The website rolled out pictures of all the characters and wouldn’t stop.

Laura also saw St. Vincent, but I waited too long and it was gone by the time I was ready to go.

Citizenfour really made us think about the reach of government into our private lives and the way the dots of our lives can be connected. Then Paris and Charlie Hebdo happened and I wondered if maybe that reach was okay if it could stop such horrible events. It’s a thorny question.

Our local…

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