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Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) is a compelling psychological drama with comedic undertones. While it focuses on the trials and tribulations of maintaining a career in show business, this movie is essentially about life and the human condition in general.
The plot revolves around has-been Hollywood actor Riggan Thomson and his desire to achieve emotional and creative fulfillment by taking to the stage on Broadway. He believes directing and starring in a play which he has adapted from a short story is his one opportunity to renew his career and sense of purpose. However, the voice of Birdman – a role for which Riggan was once revered – now haunts his thoughts, berating him and breaking down his sanity.
The narrative unfolds with a strong sense of surrealism that very effectively conveys the desperation and frustration felt by Riggan. This is accomplished through the movie’s rather…

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‘American Sniper’ success prompts Michael Moore to take pot shots at deceased hero Chris Kyle

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“American Sniper” is a box office hit. In four days of wide-release, it has pulled in $105 million. Audiences across the country have been moved by the Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Director Clint Eastwood did a marvelous job showing the kind of selfless service displayed by American war fighters while also not shying away from the psychological toll that combat takes on them and their loved ones. It’s a stellar film about an American hero, which is why Michael Moore and Seth Rogen responded just as the world expects Hollywood liberals to act: like pathetic men who deep down resent the fact that for all their fame and fortune they are still glorified clowns.

Chris Kyle was a real hero, and instead of just dealing with their envy and jealousy in the privacy of their own home, Michael Moore and Seth Rogen lashed out on Twitter…

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Oscars 2015 – Sound Mixing

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The process of sound mixing is taking all the different sounds needed in a scene and putting them together so they are at the right time and volume. The elements needed to meld together for most scenes are dialogue, background noise, and score, however some films will have a focus on music or special effects.

This year we have two war movies (American Sniper and Unbroken) with gun shots, torture, and sand storms all mixed in. Sniper seems to have a better shot at winning out of the two, but action films frequently pick up at the sound categories. Whiplash is a drum-heavy jazz musical. It has a better chance of picking up on sound mixing than editing, similar to how other musicals have fared in previous years. Interstellar is the science fiction addition of the year. This movie mixed the silence of space with sound within their suits…

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