” Unbroken” Is the Most Truthful Movie of the Year

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This was for sure an unforgettable movie. With many twists and turns my attention was never lacking. Zamperini was not only entertaining but had an extremely captivating story. The movie had a strong message: never give up. While faced with many different life threatening problems, Louis Zamperini never lost hope.

The movie is disturbing, but true. Zamperini was treated inhumanly along with hundreds of other American soldiers. Even when he was near death he never gave up fighting. Louis Zamperini is an example of a true American citizen. Although his life was often in jeopardy, he never gave the Japanese information that could help their country and hurt ours.

Though this movie isn’t quite in the center of a battlefield it is absolutely a war story. Louis was fighting his own war. He had to mentally prepare himself every day for the tasks that were ahead of him.


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