Aiming For the Fantastic

In One Ear...

So a trailer has hit for August’s Fantastic Four Reboot.

Doing a complete origin reboot with Doctor Doom as an angry hacker and a young Reed Richards… seemed…I don’t know…pointless.  Hiring Josh Trank was one of the more interesting choices.  None of the acting choices really thrilled me…and there was the talk that they are about to do some reshoots (originally reported as being up to a months worth, now just a few days).  It sounded messy.

The trailer looks nice.  The film is heavily relying on the Ultimate version of the Fantastic Four.  But yet, I am not really ready to feel excited to see the film.

It looks very dark and plodding.  It looks almost like Interstellar with Superpowers.  It does not, however, look fun.  And the Fantastic Four should be fun.  They are explorers of the fantastic, and they are a family.  And the teaser looks like a…

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