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Hey guys and dolls, welcome to our blog!
This will be my first entry and i’m going to start you off with my picks of the amazing and not-so-amazing movies that are coming out this month. My co-blogger and I will be repeating this item every first of the month. So…if you’re stumped and need some cinematic or literary inspiration, then look no further!

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – Artistic, cartoonish violence

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Sin City - A Dame to Kill ForSin City: A Dame to Kill For by Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez on Blu-ray
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller reunite. Weaving together Miller’s classic stories with new tales, Sin City’s hard-boiled citizens once again cross paths with more reviled inhabitants.

This is a movie that you have to really watch. You cannot sit and divide your time between the movie and reading a book or glancing at your tablet. Doing that would be like watching half a painting. This movie is all about the graphical presentation. Its use of live actors yet with a cartoonish black and white (emphasize on black) look with some occasional splatter of colors is absolutely marvelous. Look down and you miss something. The background voice a’la old fashioned detective story only serves to reinforce the feeling of being dumped into an old cartoon.

The story, or rather stories, are…

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Top 5 movies coming out in February

Nerdy Soul

#5 – The Last Five Years
Starring: Jeremy Jordan, Anna Kendrick, Meg Hudson
Out: 2/13

Musicals seem to be making a come back and that could be because of Pitch Perfect (which ironically stars Anna Kendrick who stars in this movie). The movie is based on the Broadway play (which also seems to be a new trend) and it should be a interesting movie to see for fans of the play or musicals in general, but if not, then it might not be the movie for you.

#4 –  Kingsman: The Secret Service
Starring: Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Taron Egerton
Out: 2/13

This movie is very reminiscent of James Bond school. It looks like these guys are just training to be the next spy’s. It’s got all the action that you can expect from a secret agent movie and the fact that it involves Brits you know that they…

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Birdman…my thoughts


Ahem. Once in a while one comes across a movie that works on many levels. That is open to many interpretations. That is seemingly simple on the outside…but not quite so on the inside….Alejandro González Iñárritu (thats quite a complex name by the way, much like his movies) wouldn’t be a name that many recognize, so try Amores Perros, 21 Grams or Babel instead. No? Never mind. Birdman?

I’ve always been a fan of open endings, leaves a kind of bittersweet taste in the mouth, and you can cook up your own epilogue and then another. So why am I at the ending already? Because chances are that you have already read the story of Birdman. If not, here is a synopsis:

A black comedy in which a once famous actor who played an iconic superhero now struggles to find his footing and convince himself and the rest of the public that…

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Recently watched: Guardians of the Galaxy



Yesterday evening we finished watching Guardians of the Galaxy. I knew absolutely nothing about the Guardians of the Galaxy comics going into the movie, and despite all the hype I hadn’t been very interested in seeing the film. I usually love the Marvel movies, but for whatever reason Guardians never caught my attention.

I think part of it was that the film seemed a little cartoony and too caught up in trying to be funny. Most of the Marvel films have a pretty decent and often self aware sense of humor, however the trailer made it seem like Guardians was going to take it a little too far.

Overall the movie was enjoyable, and it definitely has nice scenery and special effects that stand out on Blu Ray, however I couldn’t really get on board with the humor. Sure it was funny for the first few jokes, but after awhile…

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