Review: ‘Everly’ Might Look Like ‘Jane Wick,’ But She’s A Completely Different Killer



(Everly is currently available on iTunes, Amazon and On Demand, and it will open in theaters on Feb. 27. Limited spoilers below.)

The trailers made us think that Everly was like John Wick but with a female lead. Instead of Keanu Reeves avenging the murder of his puppy and theft of his beautiful car by Theon Greyjoy, Salma Hayek plays a prostitute fearing for her life after her Yakuza boss boyfriend learns of her attempt to turn rat against him. That’s what the trailers wanted us to believe, that Everly is the story of a badass hooker picking off her attackers one-or-ten-at-a-time, chucking grenades into elevators packed with henchmen, all while she hoped to escape with her mother and daughter at the end of the worst evening of her life.

But Everly is so much more than that, and the John Wick comparisons end with the story of one…

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