Stinging in the New: 10 Lousy Movies Not to Watch in 2015 – CURNBLOG

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Simon Butler / 

Come 2015, humanity will be deluged with a slew of new movies, both studio and independent. There are some I’m looking forward to.

And then there are others that I wouldn’t see if even I were threatened with being thrown into a vat of rancid, boiling butter by the vindictive ghost of Attila the Hun.

Judging movies without seeing them is risky. God knows I’ve done it many a time, but like an addiction, I can’t stop doing it. No need, then, to resolve not to for the New Year; in fact, I’m going to continue in that vein with this post, which offers a list of the pictures I expect to be just plain awful, judging by their trailers, advertising or any other content available. These films, I predict, will be bad enough to warrant creation of a new kind of vomitorium geared…

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