Love in the time of… Robotics

Bacon Popcorn


Go see it! Seriously! 5/5

From a world of sleek tech comes the love triangle only nerds could dream up! It’s deep, clever and get more intense with every second.

The plot is simple, Caleb is a budding developer at one of the world’s leading Search Engine Bodies (yup, just like Google), who wins the chance to spend one week with the brilliant and reclusive top dog executive, Nathan. As he arrives he realises he has not just won a week in the ultimate lad pad, but also a role in Nathan’s latest, ground breaking project by interviewing his AI creation, Ava, intriguing huh?

This film will give you more than I can put into words! But I’ll give it a go, the tension is so powerful, you’re going need some gentle spooning and reassurance during this film. As a terrifying reflection of a future world (which is far…

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