Film Friday #222


Manhattan (1979)

[WARNING: SPOILERS THROUGHOUT] Middle-aged, divorced New Yorker, Isaac (Woody Allen) is shagging a seventeen year old girl (Mariel Hemmingway) who adores him and basically has no baggage. Then he decides that actually she is too uncomplicated and he would rather shag his best mate’s (Michael Murphy) mistress (Diane Keaton), who is very complicated. Meanwhile his lesbian ex-wife (Meryl Streep) is writing a book about their love life… which isn’t ideal. In the end the mistress goes back to his best mate… and Isaac decides that he actually loves his teenage ex… enough to attempt to convince the poor kid not to follow her dream of studying in London because he is a selfish cockwomble. Look Manhattan has loads of lovely black and white shots of well… Manhattan and some fun kooky, typical Woody Allen dialogue but the fact that none of Isaac’s friends seem vaguely surprised or bothered…

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