Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Lawrence’s New Movie Is Already On iTunes

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The combination of an Oscar-winning director, a script based on a New York Times best-seller, and theatrical darlings Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence would appear to be an unbeatable blend of box office gold, right?


Despite the impressive resume and star-studded roster of talent, the film Serena, which stars Cooper and Lawrence, has been streaming on VOD and iTunes for the past two weeks made available online an entire month before its limited theatrical release on March 27. (h/t Vulture)

Adapted from the 2008 Ron Rash novel of the same name, Serena delves into the life of an ambitious timber baron (Cooper) and his complicated marriage to an ambitious and remarkable woman (Lawrence) during the depression.

While we haven’t seen the film, we’re 99% sure you won’t find too many banter-laden jogging scenes or epic dance sequences in Serena.

Despite wrapping in…

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