My Cinderella Movie Review


What up guys, i’m back with a review on the 2015 Cinderella movie. Cinderella was magnificent! The plot is after her father dies unexpectedly,  Ella (Cinderella) finds herself living with her mean stepmother and stepsisters, who make her their maid. Despite this, she stays optimistic. Then she meets a stranger apprentice in the woods who happens to be the prince but she doesn’t know it.  An invitation to his palace ball gives Ella hope that she might see him again. Cinderella is magnificent because of the plot, animation, acting, and props. Also this movie has tons of diversity in it (trust me you will notice!).   Imagine just by the trailer how much effort they did in making the movie, a lot right? My favorite part was when the Fairy Godmother turned the animals into people and the mice into horses. Read more to check out the official trailer thanks to…

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