Movies I Should Have Already Watched – “The Big Lebowski”

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download (1)The Big Lebowski is a strange movie and, as such, is difficult to classify, but I would say it is a surrealistic crime comedy. However, it is still a cult classic (It even has its own convention) and deserves to be watched and analyzed.

The premise is that two thugs invade Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski’s house and piss on his rug (Which really tied the room together), because they confused him with another Jeffrey Lebowski, a millionaire. The Dude then sets off in a journey to get a new rug, and ends up involved in a kidnapping, a car robbery and becomes the target of threats from germans.

The movie is strange, unique, non-sensical or a masterpiece, depending on who you ask. I say it is a unique and surreal film. The plot is strange, but extremely interesting. The great cast of characters is refreshing in its weirdness and fun…

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