Just thinking about Russia. And love. And James Bond.

Ramblog: First Blog Part II

I’m a fan of James Bond movies so I was excited to hear they’re making another one. Casino Royale is one of my favorite Bond movies, perhaps one of my favorite movies, though I found the two sequels (Quantum of Solace and Skyfall) to be disappointing.

So I thought I’d check out the trailer for one of my old favorite Bond movies, From Russia with Love:

They yearn for him. They die for him.

From Russia with Love has everything that has dominated popular culture’s idea of Bond. He has the Sean Connery smugness, the misogyny, and the Cold War intrigues. You could probably swap in Austin Powers and not notice too big a change in the movie experience. From Russia with Love is ridiculous. How ridiculous? How about two women cat fighting to the death?

Don’t worry, they don’t die, I think because James Bond marries…

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