“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?”


Certain characters in film and TV are instant hits, because they’re awesome from the beginning, needing little to no development to cement them into the minds and hearts of fandoms everywhere. But despite being ultimately loved by everyone, they haven’t had to work and struggle to change themselves into something better  -and that is something we all love to see a character go through, whether for good or evil purposes.

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The scream queen we deserve in 2015


Aly Semigran in BUSTLE writes a good article on the cultural meaning of the horror film IT FOLLOWS and how Maika Monroe is a ‘feminist scream queen icon we deserve in 2015′ 

This new article is just a continuation of mainstream and alternative sources giving this movie some of the best ratings and best press that any horror movie has received since HALLOWEEN in the 1970s or SILENCE OF THE LAMBS at the end of the 20th century..

It’s amazing to see so many different publications giving both street cred and real cred to a horror film–a genre normally avoided with ten foot poles by most reviewers and news agencies.

This movie has cut across cultural boundaries and has redefined what may be scary–along with it giving people commentary on teen sex and the economic collapse in Detroit..

2014 reviews of BABADOOK were kind. But the IT FOLLOWS reviews were…

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Bollywood Meets Birmingham

The Spires Serviced Apartments


               Today marks a sad day as we reach the closure point on our Bollywood Meets Scotland series. If you had mentioned to me at the start of this year that I would end up blogging about the connection between Bollywood and India, I would have been somewhat doubtful to say the least; predominantly because I had never even realised that any Bollywood films had been filmed in Scotland. However, fortunately I have now been enlightened, and I have been thoroughly interested to discover just how many a Bollywood movie has been filmed here and the wide array of locations that have been featured. However, before we bid adieu to this blogging series, there is still one important stop to make: Birmingham.

                Ok, so geographically we are all well aware that Birmingham is not a part of Scotland. However, considering the increasing popularity towards filming a Bollywood movie in…

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Furious 7 – Movie Review

Movie Mignon

When the first Fast and Furious came out, it was the year 2001 and I was still a teen. But I already loved car movies back then. I declared my love for them in my old blog entry “Do it Fast“. Fourteen years later, I’m still crazy in love with the Fast and Furious franchise. I don’t really give a flying fuck what people think about these, but for me they are all about fast and pretty cars, daring stunts and mind-blowing actions. In a deeper level, F&F is about family, loyalty and the will to fight for the things you love. This point forward, be warned for spoilers.

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Andrew R. Cameron

After worrying that my trip abroad may not provide the sort of science-fictional entertainment that I’m accustomed to, I should’ve realised: if there’s something nerdy to be done, I will find a way to do it.

Berlin has been a whirl of tourist sights, lessons in history, cabaret clubs, and a few back alley bars. But one of the highlights was the Berlin Museum for Film and Television, where there’s an entire permanent exhibit dedicated to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927).

Metropolis is one of the most influential sci-fi films ever made, and one of my favourites. My lounge room at home features a giant poster of the film bordered with a gold Art Deco frame. Its visions of towering cityscapes and infernal machines have influenced films such as Blade Runner, Star Wars, and The Fifth Element. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that all subsequent sci-fi…

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