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I?  Am?  LIVING for this EPIC Avengers Cover spread in the pages of Entertainment Weekly!

This is SO beautifully done in crisp, eye-popping detail and I thoroughly appreciate the wink and nod to literally my FAVORITE comic book illustrator of all time: Jim Lee.  For the uninitiated among us, this piece is clearly paying homage to the 90’s X-Men revamp, spearheaded by Mr. Lee, shortly after the events of the Muir Isle Saga.  Such a bittersweet read, BTW.  You should totally go pick it up.

X-Men Jim Lee

Just when I think the marketers behind Avengers: Age of Ultron couldn’t think of anything else mind-blowing to shove down their loyal consumers’ collective throats, they go and do this.  Bravo nameless genius marketing team.  Bravo, indeed.

Fun Fact: Jim Lee’s piece is also paying homage to the original X-Men cover.  SO meta!


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Movie Review: Titan AE

Gubongee Lost in Thought


Genre: SciFi, Animation, Action

Rating: PG (but unlike Disney animation, they actually show blood and things like neck twisting O.o)

Summary: Earth has discovered a new technology called the Titan Project, but fearful of the future, the alien species called the Drej blew up Earth. It is up to Cale to find the Titan, which was hidden by his father, to save the dying species of humanity.

Plot: 4/5 I thought the story was the classic human survival story, and it was pretty solid. In many ways, it reminded me of “Firefly” or “Ender’s Game.” There was a little bit of “Treasure Planet” and “Atlantis” in there as well. Unfortunately, although the overall story was fine, the execution of the plot was a bit choppy. The motivations of some of the characters were a bit questionable too.

Actors: 3/5 Matt DamonBill PullmanJohn LeguizamoNathan LaneJaneane Garofalo

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Stark Industries takes over Gillette to create Avengers-inspired razors?

Geek To Me

So…last night I kept hearing about this “top secret event” that was going to take place this morning, something involving Stark Industries (as in Tony Stark) and the Gillette Razor. Of course it had to do with the upcoming release of “Age of Ultron”, so you know they were gonna do something big. Turns out that they had staged a “takeover” of the Gillette labs by Tony Stark, which resulted in the creation of a number of razors that were inspired by four of the Avengers, namely Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor. (It’s beyond me why the Hulk would even need a razor. Does he even think about shaving?)

As far as marketing stunts go, this one will make you chuckle:

Of course, this got me thinking that we’d be getting some cool, superhero razors. Alas it was not to be…

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