Avengers Assembled



I?  Am?  LIVING for this EPIC Avengers Cover spread in the pages of Entertainment Weekly!

This is SO beautifully done in crisp, eye-popping detail and I thoroughly appreciate the wink and nod to literally my FAVORITE comic book illustrator of all time: Jim Lee.  For the uninitiated among us, this piece is clearly paying homage to the 90’s X-Men revamp, spearheaded by Mr. Lee, shortly after the events of the Muir Isle Saga.  Such a bittersweet read, BTW.  You should totally go pick it up.

X-Men Jim Lee

Just when I think the marketers behind Avengers: Age of Ultron couldn’t think of anything else mind-blowing to shove down their loyal consumers’ collective throats, they go and do this.  Bravo nameless genius marketing team.  Bravo, indeed.

Fun Fact: Jim Lee’s piece is also paying homage to the original X-Men cover.  SO meta!


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