Movie Review: Titan AE

Gubongee Lost in Thought

Genre: SciFi, Animation, Action

Rating: PG (but unlike Disney animation, they actually show blood and things like neck twisting O.o)

Summary: Earth has discovered a new technology called the Titan Project, but fearful of the future, the alien species called the Drej blew up Earth. It is up to Cale to find the Titan, which was hidden by his father, to save the dying species of humanity.

Plot: 4/5 I thought the story was the classic human survival story, and it was pretty solid. In many ways, it reminded me of “Firefly” or “Ender’s Game.” There was a little bit of “Treasure Planet” and “Atlantis” in there as well. Unfortunately, although the overall story was fine, the execution of the plot was a bit choppy. The motivations of some of the characters were a bit questionable too.

Actors: 3/5 Matt DamonBill PullmanJohn LeguizamoNathan LaneJaneane Garofalo

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